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Artemis Fowl a book to be read by every homosapien

August 12, 2008

Arty begins his adventures at the age of 10 when most of us would have been watchin tv or playin with dogs.He’s a child prodigy, master mind though cunning then he has changed ‘1/0ly’.

His adventure starts (for us) at Artemis Fowl and has continued till Artemis Fowl Time Paradox (the sixth in the sequel). The excitement revolves around the master mind and ‘people’ -> the Lower Elements who chose to live underground than to be with humans (mud people) thats us by the way. Just bcoz they  went underground and dont think they are left behind far in the technology, well its the other way round its actually we humans who are far behind in technology.

This book has witty dialogues and roller coaster riders // thats how it is when you move through the sory a very fast ride.

Arty is Eoin Colfer’s creation and am happy i had the chance to know him in my life. hope you would be lucky to know him as well


C programming or is it our way of communicating

August 6, 2008


 our Dnns Ritche developed C from B 

yes its true C came from B

from C came the C ++

and from which evolved the Java*/


🙂 askRagToCode( someone)


   if(someone != 0)



void main()


 printf(“hi guys and gals \”);

printf(“if any of ye wanna do some codin in C or C ++\”);

printf(“i wil always be there to do some thing for ye”);