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Google’s StreetView a new feather on google’s hat

September 14, 2008

This is really a cool new feature in google maps. This lets us actually travel through the streets as if we are there and the perspective view rendering is awesome

You can even see the sky and it even takes you to the address if you type it search

One of the best things i found on web and you know what its free as of now 🙂 so try it out soon

one sad thing is that its not available  everywhere limitted to us,france,aus,japan hope it soon available every where


permission denied to get property Element.childNodes firefox 3

September 1, 2008

hi evry1

i found ‘permission denied to get property Element.childNodes’ error pops up in firefox 3 when loadin data from xml file. this error is due to a bug in firebug

so remember firefox  3 + firebug is this bug. dont forget to disable firebug when using XML

but firebug is a  cool addon that comes with firefox to find bug. helps to find errors and do element wise analysis